Thermo-Elastic Analysis of Non-Uniform Functionally Graded Circular Plate Resting on a Gradient Elastic Foundation

Document Type : Research Paper


Engineering Department ,Zamyad Company,15Km Karaj Old Road, P.O 1386183741, Tehran, Iran


Present paper is devoted to stress and deformation analyses of heated variable thickness functionally graded (FG) circular plate with clamped supported, embedded on a gradient elastic foundation and subjected to non-uniform transverse load. The plate is coupled by an elastic medium which is simulated as a Winkler- Pasternak foundation with gradient coefficients in the radial and circumferential directions during the plate deformation. The temperature distribution is assumed to be a function of the thickness direction. The governing state equations are derived in terms of displacements and temperature based on the 3D theory of thermo-elasticity. These equations are solved using a semi-analytical method to evaluate the deformation and stress components in the plate. Material properties of the plate except the Poisson's ratio are assumed to be graded continuously along the thickness direction according to an exponential distribution. A parametric study is accomplished to evaluate the effects of material heterogeneity indices, foundation parameters, temperature difference between the top and bottom surfaces of the plate and thickness to radius ratio on displacements and stresses. The results are reported for the first time and the new results can be used as a benchmark solution for the future researches.


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