Free Vibration Analysis of Nonlinear Circular Plates Resting on Winkler and Pasternak Foundations

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria

2 Department of civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria



Dynamic behaviour of nonlinear free vibration of circular plate resting on two-parameters foundation is studied. The governing ordinary differential equation is solved analytically using hybrid Laplace Adomian decomposition method. The analytical solutions obtained are verified with existing results in literature. The analytical solutions are used to determine the influence of elastic foundation, radial and circumferential stress on natural frequency of the plate. Also, the radial and circumferential stress determined. From the results, it is observed that, increase in elastic foundation parameter increases the natural frequency of the plate. It is recorded that the modal radial and circumferential stress affect the extrema mode of the plate. It is hoped that the present study will contribute to the existing knowledge in the field of vibration analysis of engineering structures.


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