Research Paper

1. Compressive Behavior of a Glass/Epoxy Composite Laminates with Single Delamination

Pages 84-90

A Ghorbanpour Arani; R Moslemian; A Arefmanesh

2. Effect of Non-ideal Boundary Conditions on Buckling of Rectangular Functionally Graded Plates

Pages 91-97

J Mohammadi; M Gheisary

3. Wave Propagation in a Layer of Binary Mixture of Elastic Solids

Pages 98-107

R Kumar; M Panchal

4. Simple Solutions for Buckling of Conical Shells Composed of Functionally Graded Materials

Pages 108-117

A Lavasani

5. Effect of Through Stationary Edge and Center Cracks on Static Buckling Strength of Thin Plates under Uniform Axial Compression

Pages 118-129

A.V Raviprakash; B Prabu; N Alagumurthi; M Naresh; A Giriprasath

6. Dynamic Stability of Functionally Graded Beams with Piezoelectric Layers Located on a Continuous Elastic Foundation

Pages 130-136

N Omidi; M Karami Khorramabadi; A Niknejad

7. Geometrical Optimization of the Cast Iron Bullion Moulds Based on Fracture Mechanics

Pages 137-147

A Niknejad; M Karami Khorramabadi; M.J Sheikhpoor; S.A Samieh Zargar

8. Finite Element Analysis of Buckling of Thin Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Uniform External Pressure

Pages 148-158

B Prabu; N Rathinam; R Srinivasan; K.A.S Naarayen