Research Paper

1. Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Spinning Cylindrical Shells Using Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory

Pages 159-170

M Mehrparvar

2. Thermal Stability of Thin Rectangular Plates with Variable Thickness Made of Functionally Graded Materials

Pages 171-189

M Pouladvand

3. Comparison of Two Kinds of Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shells with Various Volume Fraction Laws for Vibration Analysis

Pages 190-200

M.R Isvandzibaei; P.J Awasare

4. Buckling Analysis of FG Plate with Smart Sensor/Actuator

Pages 201-212

N.S Viliani; S.M.R Khalili; H Porrostami

5. Buckling Analysis of Simply-supported Functionally Graded Rectangular Plates under Non-uniform In-plane Compressive Loading

Pages 213-225

M Mahdavian

6. Effect of Stress Triaxiality on Yielding of Anisotropic Materials under Plane Stress Condition

Pages 226-232

S.S Bhadauria; M.S Hora; K.K Pathak

7. Photoelastic Determination of Mixed Mode Stress Intensity Factors

Pages 233-244

V.K Singh; P.C Gope

8. hp-Spectral Finite Element Analysis of Shear Deformable Beams and Plates

Pages 245-259

R Ranjan; J.N Reddy