Research Paper

1. Analysis of Wave Motion in a Micropolar Transversely Isotropic Medium

Pages 260-270

R.R Gupta; R Kumar

2. Temperature Effects on Nonlinear Vibration of FGM Plates Coupled with Piezoelectric Actuators

Pages 271-288

F Ebrahimi; A Rastgoo

3. Buckling Analysis of a Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube Embedded in an Elastic Medium Using the Energy Method

Pages 289-299

A Ghorbanpour Arani; M Shokravi; M Mohammadimehr

4. Analysis on Centrifugal Load Effect in FG Hollow Sphere Subjected to Magnetic Field

Pages 300-312

S.M.R Khalili; A.H Mohazzab; M Jabbari

5. A Rapidly Convergent Nonlinear Transfinite Element Procedure for Transient Thermoelastic Analysis of Temperature-Dependent Functionally Graded Cylinders

Pages 313-327

M Shariyat

6. Effects of Geometric Nonlinearity on Stress Analysis in Large Amplitude Vibration of Moderately Thick Annular Functionally Graded Plate

Pages 328-342

M.H Amini; A Rastgoo; M Soleimani

7. An Exact Solution for Classic Coupled Thermoporoelasticity in Cylindrical Coordinates

Pages 343-357

M Jabbari; H Dehbani

8. First-Order Formulation for Functionally Graded Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Under Axial Compression

Pages 358-364

A Hasani