Research Paper

1. Multiscale Analysis of Transverse Cracking in Cross-Ply Laminated Beams Using the Layerwise Theory

Pages 1-18

W Jin Na; J.N Reddy

2. Elastic Buckling of Moderately Thick Homogeneous Circular Plates of Variable Thickness

Pages 19-27

S.K Jalali; M.H Naei

3. Effect of Rotation and Stiffness on Surface Wave Propagation in a Elastic Layer Lying Over a Generalized Thermodiffusive Elastic Half-Space with Imperfect Boundary

Pages 28-42

R Kumar; V Chawla

4. Rubber/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite with Hyperelastic Matrix

Pages 43-49

M Motamedi; M Moosavi Mashhadi

5. Effect of Initial Stress on Propagation of Love Waves in an Anisotropic Porous Layer

Pages 50-62

S Gupta; A Chattopadhyay; D.K Majhi

6. A Semi-Analytical Solution for Free Vibration and Modal Stress Analyses of Circular Plates Resting on Two-Parameter Elastic Foundations

Pages 63-78

M.M Alipour; M Shariyat; M Shaban

7. A Static Flexure of Thick Isotropic Plates Using Trigonometric Shear Deformation Theory

Pages 79-90

Y.M Ghugal; A.S Sayyad

8. Study of Wave Motion in an Anisotropic Fiber-Reinforced Thermoelastic Solid

Pages 91-100

R Kumar; R.R Gupta