Research Paper

1. A Comparative Study of Least-Squares and the Weak-Form Galerkin Finite Element Models for the Nonlinear Analysis of Timoshenko Beams

Pages 101-114

W Kim; J.N Reddy

2. Creep Stress Redistribution Analysis of Thick-Walled FGM Spheres

Pages 115-128

S.M.A Aleayoub; A Loghman

3. An Exact Solution for Classic Coupled Thermoporoelasticity in Axisymmetric Cylinder

Pages 129-143

M Jabbari; H Dehbani

4. Inhomogeneity Material Effect on Electromechanical Stresses, Displacement and Electric Potential in FGM Piezoelectric Hollow Rotating Disk

Pages 144-155

A Ghorbanpour Arani; H Khazaali; M Rahnama; M Dadkhah

5. Buckling Analysis of Polar Orthotropic Circular and Annular Plates of Uniform and Linearly Varying Thickness with Different Edge Conditions

Pages 156-167

F Farhatnia; A Golshah

6. Magneto-Thermo-Elastic Stresses and Perturbation of the Magnetic Field Vector in an EGM Rotating Disk

Pages 168-178

A Ghorbanpour Arani; M Azamia; H Sepiani

7. Application of Piezoelectric and Functionally Graded Materials in Designing Electrostatically Actuated Micro Switches

Pages 179-189

A Hosseinzadeh; M.T Ahmadian

8. Cell Deformation Modeling Under External Force Using Artificial Neural Network

Pages 190-198

M.T Ahmadian; G.R Vossoughi; A.A Abbasi; P Raeissi