Research Paper

1. Wave Propagation in Mixture of Generalized Thermoelastic Solids Half-Space

Pages 199-213

R Kumar; S Devi

2. An Exact Solution for Lord-Shulman Generalized Coupled Thermoporoelasticity in Spherical Coordinates

Pages 214-230

M Jabbari; H Dehbani

3. Finite Element Modeling of Crack Initiation Angle Under Mixed Mode (I/II) Fracture

Pages 231-247

S.S Bhadauria; K.K Pathak; M.S Hora

4. Investigation of Vacancy Defects on the Young’s Modulus of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites in Axial Direction via a Multiscale Modeling Approach

Pages 248-256

M.R Davoudabadi; S.D Farahani

5. Prediction of Crack Initiation Direction for Inclined Crack Under Biaxial Loading by Finite Element Method

Pages 257-266

P.C Gope; S.P Sharma; A.K Srivastava

6. Free Vibration Analysis of Micropolar Thermoelastic Cylindrical Curved Plate in Circumferential Direction

Pages 267-274

G Partap; R Kumar

7. Review of Damage Tolerant Analysis of Laminated Composites

Pages 275-289

X.L Fan; Q Sun; M Kikuchi

8. Static Analysis of Functionally Graded Annular Plate Resting on Elastic Foundation Subject to an Axisymmetric Transverse Load Based on the Three Dimensional Theory of Elasticity

Pages 290-304

A Behravan Rad; A Alibeigloo; S.S Malihi