Research Paper

1. Nonlinear Vibration of Smart Micro-Tube Conveying Fluid Under Electro-Thermal Fields

Pages 1-14

A Ghorbanpour Arani; E Haghparast; S Amir

2. Electro-Thermo-Dynamic Buckling of Embedded DWBNNT Conveying Viscous Fluid

Pages 15-32

A Ghorbanpour Arani; M Hashemian

3. An Exact Solution for Classic Coupled Magneto-Thermo-Elasticity in Cylindrical Coordinates

Pages 33-47

M Jabbari; H Dehbani

4. Effect of Electric Potential Distribution on Electromechanical Behavior of a Piezoelectrically Sandwiched Micro-Beam

Pages 48-58

A Shah-Mohammadi-Azar; G Rezazadeh; R Shabani

5. Free Vibrations of Three-Parameter Functionally Graded Plates Resting on Pasternak Foundations

Pages 59-74

J.E Jam; S Kamarian; A Pourasghar; J Seidi

6. Free Vibrations of Continuous Grading Fiber Orientation Beams on Variable Elastic Foundations

Pages 75-83

S Kamarian; M.H Yas; A Pourasghar

7. A Zigzag Theory with Local Shear Correction Factors for Semi-Analytical Bending Modal Analysis of Functionally Graded Viscoelastic Circular Sandwich Plates

Pages 84-105

M Shariyat; M.M Alipour

8. The Attitude of Variation of Elastic Modules in Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Nonlinear Mass-Spring Model

Pages 106-113

A.R Golkarian; M Jabbarzadeh