Research Paper

1. Theory of Generalized Piezoporo Thermoelasticity

Pages 327-338

M Jabbari; A Yooshi

2. Analytical Solution for Electro-mechanical Behavior of Piezoelectric Rotating Shaft Reinforced by BNNTs Under Non-axisymmetric Internal Pressure

Pages 339-354

A Ghorbanpour Arani; E Haghparast; S Amir

3. Analysis of Laminated Soft Core Sandwich Plate Having Interfacial Imperfections by an Efficient C0 FE Model

Pages 355-371

R.P Khandelwal; A Chakrabarti; P Bhargava

4. Closed-form Solution of Dynamic Displacement for SLGS Under Moving the Nanoparticle on Visco-Pasternak Foundation

Pages 372-385

A Ghorbanpour Arani; A Shiravand; S Amir

5. Thermo-elastic Damping in a Capacitive Micro-beam Resonator Considering Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Model and Modified Couple Stress Theory

Pages 386-401

M Najafi; G Rezazadeh; R Shabani

6. Torsional Waves in Prestressed Fiber Reinforced Medium Subjected to Magnetic Field

Pages 402-415

R Kakar; S Kakar

7. Frequency Response Analysis of a Capacitive Micro-beam Resonator Considering Residual and Axial Stresses and Temperature Changes Effects

Pages 416-425

S Valilou; M Jalilpour

8. Analysis of Five Parameter Viscoelastic Model Under Dynamic Loading

Pages 426-440

R Kakar; K Kaur; K.C Gupta