Research Paper

1. Plane Wave Propagation Through a Planer Slab

Pages 1-13

R Kakar

2. Double Cracks Identification in Functionally Graded Beams Using Artificial Neural Network

Pages 14-21

F Nazari; M.H Abolbashari

3. Flow-Induced Instability Smart Control of Elastically Coupled Double-Nanotube-Systems

Pages 22-34

V Atabakhshian; A Ghorbanpour Arani; A.R Shajari; S Amir

4. Thermal Vibration of Composites and Sandwich Laminates Using Refined Higher Order Zigzag Theory

Pages 35-46

A Chakrabarti; S.K Singh; A.H Sheikh

5. An Efficient Co Finite Element Approach for Bending Analysis of Functionally Graded Ceramic-Metal Skew Shell Panels

Pages 47-62

G Taj; A Chakrabarti

6. A Semi-analytical Approach to Elastic-plastic Stress Analysis of FGM Pressure Vessels

Pages 63-73

A.T Kalali; S Hadidi-Moud

7. Axi-Symmetric Deformation Due to Various Sources in Saturated Porous Media with Incompressible Fluid

Pages 74-91

R Kumar; S Kumar; M.G Gourla

8. Vibration and Stability Analysis of a Pasternak Bonded Double-GNR-System Based on Different Nonlocal Theories

Pages 92-106

A Ghorbanpour Arani; R Kolahchi; H Vossough; M Abdollahian