Research Paper

1. A Mathematical Formulation to Estimate the Fundamental Period of High-Rise Buildings Including Flexural-Shear Behavior and Structural Interaction

Pages 122-134

E Noroozinejad Farsangi; H Melatdoust; A Bin Adnan

2. A New Approach to the Study of Transverse Vibrations of a Rectangular Plate Having a Circular Central Hole

Pages 135-149

K Torabi; A.R Azadi

3. New Approach to Instability Threshold of a Simply Supported Rayleigh Shaft

Pages 150-157

M Faraji Mahyari; K.H Faraji Mahyari; S Fardpour

4. Stress Analysis of Skew Nanocomposite Plates Based on 3D Elasticity Theory Using Differential Quadrature Method

Pages 158-172

M.R Nami; M Janghorban

5. Nonlinear Nonlocal Vibration of an Embedded Viscoelastic Y-SWCNT Conveying Viscous Fluid Under Magnetic Field Using Homotopy Analysis Method

Pages 173-193

A Ghorbanpour Arani; M.Sh Zarei

6. In-plane Band Gaps in a Periodic Plate with Piezoelectric Patches

Pages 194-207

H.J Xiang; Z.B Cheng; Z.F Shi; X.Y Yu

7. Numerical Simulation of Semi-Elliptical Axial Crack in Pipe Bend Using XFEM

Pages 208-228

K Sharma; I.V Singh; B.K Mishra; S.K Maurya

8. Reflection of Waves in a Rotating Transversely Isotropic Thermoelastic Half-space Under Initial Stress

Pages 229-239

R.R Gupta; R.R. Gupta