Research Paper

1. Nonlocal DQM for Large Amplitude Vibration of Annular Boron Nitride Sheets on Nonlinear Elastic Medium

Pages 334-346

A Ghorbanpour Arani; R Kolahchi; S.M.R Allahyari

2. Influence of the Elastic Foundation on the Free Vibration and Buckling of Thin-Walled Piezoelectric-Based FGM Cylindrical Shells Under Combined Loadings

Pages 347-365

M Mohammadimehr; M Moradi; A Loghman

3. Effect of Exponentially-Varying Properties on Displacements and Stresses in Pressurized Functionally Graded Thick Spherical Shells with Using Iterative Technique

Pages 366-377

M Zamani Nejad; A Rastgoo; A Hadi

4. A Cohesive Zone Model for Crack Growth Simulation in AISI 304 Steel

Pages 378-388

F Javidrad; M Mashayekhy

5. Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of the Beam Carrying a Moving Mass Using Modified Homotopy

Pages 389-396

M Poorjamshidian; J Sheikhi; S Mahjoub-Moghadas; M Nakhaie

6. Plastic Wave Propagation Model for Perforation of Metallic Plates by Blunt Projectiles

Pages 397-409

S Feli; S Noritabar

7. Crack Interaction Studies Using XFEM Technique

Pages 410-421

K Sharma

8. Response of GN Type II and Type III Theories on Reflection and Transmission Coefficients at the Boundary Surface of Micropolar Thermoelastic Media with Two Temperatures

Pages 422-440

R Kumar; M Kaur; S.C Rajvanshi