Research Paper

1. Torsion of Poroelastic Shaft with Hollow Elliptical Section

Pages 1-11

M Jabbari; M.F Khansanami

2. Free Vibration of Sandwich Panels with Smart Magneto-Rheological Layers and Flexible Cores

Pages 12-30

G Payganeh; K Malekzadeh; H Malek-Mohammadi

3. Closed Form Solution for Electro-Magneto-Thermo-Elastic Behaviour of Double-Layered Composite Cylinder

Pages 31-44

A Loghman; H Parsa

4. Dynamic Stability of Laminated Composite Plates with an External Smart Damper

Pages 45-57

M Hoseinzadeh; J Rezaeepazhand

5. Reflection and Transmission at the Boundary of Two Couple Stress Generalized Thermoelastic Solids

Pages 58-77

R Kumar; K Kumar; R.C Nautiyal

6. Dynamic Response of an Axially Moving Viscoelastic Timoshenko Beam

Pages 78-92

H Seddighi; H.R Eipakchi

7. A Simple Finite Element Procedure for Free Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Cracked Beam-Like Structures

Pages 93-103

M.R Shirazizadeh; H Shahverdi; A Imam

8. A New Numerical Procedure for Determination of Effective Elastic Constants in Unidirectional Composite Plates

Pages 104-115

S Daryazadeh; L Lvov Gennadiy; M Tajdari

9. Numerical and Experimental Study of Buckling of Rectangular Steel Plates with a Cutout

Pages 116-129

M Shariati; Y Faradjian; H Mehrabi

10. Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Towers with Fixed Monopile Platform Using the Transfer Matrix Method

Pages 130-151

M Feyzollahzadeh; M.J Mahmoodi

11. An Exact Solution for Kelvin-Voigt Model Classic Coupled Thermo Viscoelasticity in Spherical Coordinates

Pages 152-167

S Bagheri; M Jabbari

12. Frequency Aanalysis of Annular Plates Having a Small Core and Guided Edges at Both Inner and Outer Boundaries

Pages 168-174

L.B Rao; C.K Rao

13. Consolidation Around a Heat Source in an Isotropic Fully Saturated Rock with Porous Structure in Quasi-Static State

Pages 175-183

N Das Gupta; N.C Das

14. Generalized Differential Quadrature Method for Vibration Analysis of Cantilever Trapezoidal FG Thick Plate

Pages 184-203

K Torabi; H Afshari

15. Steady Thermal Stresses in a Thin Rotating Disc of Finitesimal Deformation with Mechanical Load

Pages 204-211

J Kaur; P Thakur; S.B Singh

16. Free Vibration Analysis of Continuously Graded Fiber Reinforced Truncated Conical Shell Via Third-Order Shear Deformation Theory

Pages 212-231

M.H Yas; M Nejati; A Asanjarani