Research Paper

1. Dynamic Response of Bi-Directional Functionally Graded Materials (BDFGMs) Beams Rested on Visco-Pasternak Foundation Under Periodic Axial Force

Pages 269-285


A.A Ghorbanpour Arani; S Niknejad; A.A Abbasian Arani

2. Study on Vibration Band Gap Characteristics of a Branched Shape Periodic Structure Using the GDQR

Pages 286-296


M Hajhosseini; A Abshahi

3. Investigation of Stress State of the Layered Composite with a Longitudinal Cylindrical Cavity

Pages 297-304


V. Yu Miroshnikov

4. Free Vibration Analysis of Composite Grid Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Using A Generalized Higher Order Theory

Pages 305-324


H Mohammad Panahiha; A Davar; M Heydari Beni; J Eskandari Jam

5. Thermoelastic Analysis of Annular Sector Plate Under Restricted Boundaries Amidst Elastic Reaction

Pages 325-337


A Mahakalkar; V Varghese

6. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Impact of a Blunt Projectile with a Perforated Plate

Pages 338-348


M Farahmand; Kh Vahedi; A Naddaf Oskouei; R Hosseini

7. Study of the Mechanical Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Using a Viscoplastic Constitutive Model

Pages 349-365


R Slimani; D Dias; B Sbartai; L Oxarango

8. Memory Response in Thermoelastic Plate with Three-Phase-Lag Model

Pages 366-383


S Biswas