Research Paper

1. Dynamic and Vibration Analysis for Geometrical Structures of Planetary Gears

Pages 384-398


A Shahabi; A.H Kazemian

2. Buckling and Free Vibrations of a Magneto-Electro-Elastic Sandwich Panel with Flexible Core

Pages 399-412


H Talebi Amanieh; S.A Seyed Roknizadeh; A Reza

3. Dispersion of SH-Wave in a Heterogeneous Orthotropic Layer Sandwiched Between an Inhomogeneous Semi-Infinite Medium and a Heterogeneous Elastic Half-Space

Pages 413-426


R.M Prasad; S Kundu

4. Deformation Field Produced by a Doublet Source in a Half-Space Model

Pages 427-447


N Verma; K Singh

5. A Comparison Between the Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Vibration Absorber for a Timoshenko Beam

Pages 448-459


H Kouhi; R Ansari; E Salahshoor; B Miripour Fard

6. Nonlinear Investigation of Magnetic Influence on Dynamic Behaviour of Non-Homogeneous Varying Thickness Circular Plates Resting on Elastic Foundations

Pages 460-484


S.A Salawu; G.M Sobamowo; O.M Sadiq

7. Large Deformation Hermitian Finite Element Coupled Thermoelasticity Analysis of Wave Propagation and Reflection in a Finite Domain

Pages 485-502


M Mirparizi; M Shariyat; A.R Fotuhi

8. Anisotropic and Isotropic Elasticity Applied for the Study of Elastic Fields Generated by Interfacial Dislocations in a Heterostructure of InAs/(001)GaAs Semiconductors

Pages 503-512


R Makhloufi; A Boussaha; R Benbouta; L Baroura