Research Paper

1. Static and Dynamic Stability Analysis of Thick CNT Reinforced Beams Resting on Pasternak Foundation Under Axial and Follower Forces

Pages 1-16


M Hosseini; A Ghorbanpour Arani; M karamizadeh; Sh Niknejad; A Hosseinpour

2. An Approximate Thermo-Mechanical Solution of a Functionally Graded Cylinder Using Hybrid Integral Transform and Finite Element Method

Pages 17-36


M Dehghan; A Moosaie; M Zamani Nejad

3. Improved High-Order Analysis of Linear Vibrations of a Thick Sandwich Panel With an Electro-Rheological Core by Using Exponential Shear Deformation Theory

Pages 37-56


M Keshavarzian; M.M Najafizadeh; K Khorshidi; P Yousefi; M Alavi

4. Fatigue Life Assessment for an Aluminum Alloy Piston Using Stress Gradient Approach Described in the FKM Method

Pages 57-66


H Ashouri

5. An Interval Parametric Approach for the Solution of One Dimensional Generalized Thermoelastic Problem

Pages 67-76


S Mandal; S Pal Sarkar; T Kumar Roy

6. Finite Crack in a Thermoelastic Transversely Isotropic Medium Under Green-Naghdi Theory

Pages 77-88


S.K Panja; S.C Mandal

7. Free Torsional Vibration Analysis of Hollow and Solid Non-Uniform Rotating Shafts Using Distributed and Lumped Modeling Technique

Pages 89-98


A Saghafi; M .A Azizi

8. Assessment of Different Mathematical Models for Analysis of Low-Velocity Impact on Composite Plates in Presence of Pre-loads

Pages 99-117


A Davar; A Labbafian Mashhadi; J Eskandari Jam; M Heydari Beni