Research Paper

1. On Validity of Analytical Method in Cracked Column Post-Buckling Analysis Using Empirical and Numerical Investigations

Pages 118-130


K Salmalian; A Alijani; H Ramezannejad Azarboni

2. Multi-Objective Optimization of Shot-Peening Parameters Using Modified Taguchi Technique

Pages 131-146


M Hassanzadeh; S. E Moussavi Torshizi

3. Elasticity Exact Solution for an FGM Cylindrical Shaft with Piezoelectric Layers Under the Saint-Venant Torsion by Using Prandtl’s Formulation

Pages 147-170


M. R Eslami; M Jabbari; A Eskandarzadeh Sabet

4. Fatigue Life Analysis of the Propeller Shafting System of a VLCC Ship Powertrain System Using Finite Element or Distributed-Lumped Methods

Pages 171-189


A Gholami; S. A Jazayeri; Q Esmaili

5. Analytical Solutions of Finite Wedges Coated by an Orthotropic Coating Containing Multiple Cracks and Cavities

Pages 190-211


A Ajdari

6. The Fracture Toughness of the Welding Zone in Gas Transfer Steel Pipes by Experimental and Numerical Methods

Pages 212-220


M. R Torshizian; M Boustani

7. Analysis of Nonlinear Vibration of Piezoelectric Nanobeam Embedded in Multiple Layers Elastic Media in a Thermo-Magnetic Environment Using Iteration Perturbation Method

Pages 221-251


M.G Sobamowo

8. New Two 20-Node High-Order Finite Elements Based on the SFR Concept for Analyzing 3D Elasticity Problems

Pages 252-271


H Djahara; K Meftah; L Sedira; A Ayadi