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Research Paper

1. On The Free Vibration of Doubly Clamped Single-Walled Coiled Carbon Nanotubes: A Novel Size Dependent Continuum Model

Pages 114-133


F Darvishi; O Rahmani

2. Comparative Analysis of Energy Absorption Capacity of Single and Nested Metal Matrix Composite Tubes Under Quasi-Static Lateral and Axial Loading

Pages 134-143


S Dehghanpour; K Hosseini Safari; F Barati; M.M Attar

3. Linear and Nonlinear Free Vibration of a Two-Dimensional Multiferroic Composite Plate Subjected to Magneto-Electro-Thermo-Aerodynamic Loading

Pages 144-163


S Razavi; H Ghashochi Bargh

4. Size-Dependent Vibration Problem of Two Vertically-Aligned Single-Walled Boron Nitride Nanotubes Conveying Fluid in Thermal Environment Via Nonlocal Strain Gradient Shell Model

Pages 164-185


P Roodgar Saffari; M Fakhraie; M. A Roudbari

5. Response of Two-Temperature on the Energy Ratios at Elastic-Piezothermoelastic Interface

Pages 186-201


R Kumar; P Sharma

6. Photothermoelastic Investigation of Semiconductor Material Due to Distributed Loads

Pages 202-212


N Sharma; R Kumar

7. Analysis of Nanoplate with a Central Crack Under Distributed Transverse Load Based on Modified Nonlocal Elasticity Theory

Pages 213-232


M Rajabi; H Lexian; A Rajabi

8. Isogeometric Analysis for Topology Optimisation of Two Dimensional Planar and Laminated Composite Plate Continuum Structures

Pages 233-268


K.N.V Chandrasekhar; V Bhikshma; N Rakesh; N Swapnareddy; C Rakesh

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