Temperature Effects on Nonlinear Vibration of FGM Plates Coupled with Piezoelectric Actuators

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran


An analytical solution for a sandwich circular FGM plate coupled with piezoelectric layers under one-dimension heat conduction is presented in this paper. A nonlinear static problem is solved first to determine the initial stress state and pre-vibration deformations. By adding an incremental dynamic state to the pre-vibration state, the differential equations are derived. The role of thermal environment and control effects on nonlinear static deflections and natural frequencies imposed by the piezoelectric actuators using high input voltages are investigated. The good agreement between the results of this paper and those of the finite element (FE) analyses validated the presented approach. The emphasis is placed on investigating the effect of varying the applied actuator voltage and thermal environment as well as gradient index of FG plate on the dynamics and control characteristics of the structure.


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