On the Dynamic Characteristic of Thermoelastic Waves in Thermoelastic Plates with Thermal Relaxation Times

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Government Post-Graduate College Hamirpur


In this paper, analysis for the propagation of general anisotropic media of finite thickness with two thermal relaxation times is studied. Expression of displacements, temperature, thermal stresses, and thermal gradient for most general anisotropic thermoelastic plates of finite thickness are obtained in the analysis. The calculation is then carried forward for slightly more specialized case of a monoclinic plate. Dispersion relations for symmetric and antisymmetric wave modes are obtained. Thermoelastic plates of higher symmetry are contained implicitly in the analysis. Numerical solution of the frequency equation for a representative plate of assigned thickness is carried out, and the dispersion curves for the few lower modes are presented. Coupled thermoelastic thermal motions of the medium are found dispersive and coupled with each other due to the thermal and anisotropic effects. Some special cases have also been deduced and discussed.


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