Effect of Magnetic Field on Torsional Waves in Non-Homogeneous Aeolotropic Tube

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Principal, DIPS Polytechnic College, Hoshiarpur

2 Faculty of Electrical Engineering, SBBSIET Padhiana Jalandhar

3 Faculty of Science, DIPS Polytechnic College, Hoshiarpur

4 Faculty of Science, BMSCT, Muktsar


The effect of magnetic field on torsional waves propagating in non-homogeneous viscoelastic cylindrically aeolotropic material is discussed. The elastic constants and non-homogeneity in viscoelastic medium in terms of density and elastic constant is taken. The frequency equations have been derived in the form of a determinant involving Bessel functions. Dispersion equation in each case has been derived and the graphs have been plotted showing the effect of variation of elastic constants and the presence of magnetic field. The obtained dispersion equations are in agreement with the classical result. The numerical calculations have been presented graphically by using MATLAB.


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