Axi-Symmetric Deformation Due to Various Sources in Saturated Porous Media with Incompressible Fluid

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Kurukshetra University

2 Department of Mathematics, Govt. Degree College Indora (Kangra), Himachal Pradesh

3 Department of Mathematics, Himachal Pradesh University


The general solution of equations of saturated porous media with incompressible fluid for two dimensional axi-symmetric problem is obtained in the transformed domain. The Laplace and Hankel transforms have been used to investigate the problem. As an application of the approach concentrated source and source over circular region have been taken to show the utility of the approach. The transformed components of displacement, stress and pore pressure are obtained. Numerical inversion technique is used to obtain the resulting quantities in physical domain.  Effect of porosity is shown on the resulting quantities. A particular case of interest is also deduced from the present investigation.


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