Reflection and Transmission of Longitudinal Wave at Micropolar Viscoelastic Solid/Fluid Saturated Incompressible Porous Solid Interface

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Ch. Devi Lal University, Sirsa


In this paper, the reflection and refraction of longitudinal wave from a plane surface separating a micropolar viscoelastic solid half space and a fluid saturated incompressible half space is studied. A longitudinal wave (P-wave) impinges obliquely at the interface. Amplitude ratios for various reflected and transmitted waves have been obtained. Then these amplitude ratios have been computed numerically for a specific model and results thus obtained are shown graphically with angle of incidence of incident wave. It is found that these amplitude ratios depend on angle of incidence of the incident wave as well as on the properties of media. A particular case when longitudinal wave reflects at free surface of micropolar viscoelastic solid has been deduced and discussed. From the present investigation, a special case when fluid saturated porous half space reduces to empty porous solid has also been deduced and discussed with the help of graphs.


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