Rayleigh Waves in a Homogeneous Magneto-Thermo Voigt-Type Viscoelastic Half-Space under Initial Surface Stresses

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Engineering & Technology, GNA University, Phagwara, India, 163, Chotti Baradari, Phase-1, Garah Road, Jalandhar-144022, India


This paper deals with the propagation of magneto-thermo Rayleigh waves in a homogeneous viscoelastic half-space under initial stress. It has been observed that velocity of Rayleigh waves depends on viscosity, magnetic field, temperature and initial stress of the half-space. The frequency equation for Rayleigh waves under the effect of magnetic field, stress and temperature for both viscoelastic and elastic medium is first obtained by using classical theory of thermoelasticity and then computed numerically. The variation of phase velocity of Rayleigh waves with respect to initial hydrostatic stress in viscoelastic and elastic half-space is shown graphically. In the absence of various parameters of the medium, the obtained results are in agreement with classical results given by Caloi and Lockett. 


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