Generalized Thermoelastic Problem of a Thick Circular Plate with Axisymmetric Heat Supply Due to Internal Heat Generation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of mathematics, Dr. Ambedkar College, Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur -440010, Maharashtra, India

2 Department of mathematics, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur-440033 Maharashtra, India


A two dimensional generalized thermoelastic problem of a thick circular plate of finite thickness and infinite extent subjected to continuous axisymmetric heat supply and an internal heat generation is studied within the context of generalized thermoelasticity. Unified system of equations for classical coupled thermoelasticity, Lord-Shulman and Green-Lindsay theory is considered. An exact solution of the problem is obtained in the transform domain. Inversion of Laplace transforms is done by employing numerical scheme. Mathematical model is prepared for Copper material plate and the numerical results are discussed and represented graphically.


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