Damping Ratio in Micro-Beam Resonators Based on Magneto-Thermo-Elasticity

Document Type : Research Paper


Mechanical Engineering Department, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran


This paper investigates damping ratio in micro-beam resonators based on magneto-thermo-elasticity. A unique aspect of the present study is the effect of permanent magnetic field on the stiffness and thermo-elastic damping of the micro resonators. In our modeling the theory of thermo-elasticity with interacting of an externally applied permanent magnetic field is taken into account. Combined theoretical and numerical studies investigate the permanent magnetic field effect on the damping ratio in clamped-clamped and cantilever micro-beams. Furthermore, the influence of the magnetic field intensity on the frequency of the micro-beams with thermo-elastic damping effect is evaluated. Such evaluations are used to determine the influence of magnetic field on the vibration amplitude of the resonators. The meaningful conclusion is that the magnetic field increases the equivalent stiffness and thermo-elastic damping and consequently the energy consumption of the resonators.


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