Weight Optimum Design of Pressurized and Axially Loaded Stiffened Conical Shells to Prevent Stress and Buckling Failures

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Qom University of Technology, Qom, Iran


An optimal design of internal pressurized stiffened conical shell is investigated using the genetic algorithm (GA) to minimize the structural weight and to prevent various types of stress and buckling failures. Axial compressive load is applied to the shell. Five stress and buckling failures as constraints are taken into account. Using the discrete elements method as well as the energy method, global buckling load and stress field in the stiffened shell are obtained. The stiffeners include rings and stringers. Seven design variables including shell thickness, number of rings and stringers, stiffeners width and height are considered. In addition, the upper and lower practical bounds are applied for the design variables. Finally, a graphical software package named as Optimal Sizer is developed to help the designers.


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