Transversely Isotropic Magneto-Visco Thermoelastic Medium with Vacuum and without Energy Dissipation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana , India

2 Research Scholar ,IKG Panjab Technical University, Kapurthala ,Punjab, India

3 Department of Mathematics, DAVIET, Jalandhar ,Punjab, India


In the present investigation the disturbances in a homogeneous transversely isotropic magneto-Visco thermoelastic rotating medium with two temperature due to thermomechanical sources has been addressed. The thermoelasticity theories developed by Green-Naghdi (Type II and Type III) both with and without energy dissipation has been applied to the thermomechanical sources. The Laplace and Fourier transform techniques have been applied to solve the present problem. As an application, the bounding surface is subjected to concentrated and distributed sources (mechanical and thermal sources). The analytical expressions of displacement, stress components, temperature change and induced magnetic field are obtained in the transformed domain. Numerical inversion techniques have been applied to obtain the results in the physical domain. Numerical simulated results are depicted graphically to show the effect of viscosity on the resulting quantities. Some special cases of interest are also deduced from the present investigation.                         


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