A Contact Problem of an Elastic Layer Compressed by Two Punches of Different Radii

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Batna2, Algeria


The elasticity mixed boundary values problems dealing with half-space contact are generally well resolved. A large number of these solutions are obtained by using the integral transformation method and methods based the integral equations. However, the problems of finite layer thicknesses are less investigated, despite their practical interests. This study resolves a quasi-stationary problem of an isotropic elastic layer compressed by two rigid cylinders with flat ends. Hankel transformation and auxiliary functions with boundary conditions reduce the differential equation to an algebraic equations system, which can be solved in a numerical way. The contact efforts equations are established. From the general method, solutions of particular cases are also resolved. A particular case is studied, the contact zone pressure and stresses distribution curves are presented.


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