Inquisitive Analysis of the Point Source Effect on Propagation of SH Wave Through an Orthotropic Crustal Layer

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Applied Mathematics, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, India


The occurrence of SH wave propagation under the effect of a point source in an orthotropic substratum lying over a heterogeneous orthotropic half space is deliberated in the prospect of a devastating earthquake. The quadratic alteration is acknowledged for density and shear modulus which is hypothesized to be a function of depth. The method of Green's function and transformation technique contributes to obtain the dispersion equation and dispersion curves. An effort has been accomplished to demonstrate the classical equation of Love wave followed from dispersion equation.  “Mathematica” software is applied to depict the graphics. Graphics are designed to show the effect of heterogeneous parameters corresponding to density and shear modulus. Dispersion equation is obtained considering the case that the displacement and stress are continuous at the interface. The present work is an attempt to express the behavior of SH wave in an orthotropic medium under the effect of point source.


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