An Analytic Study on the Dispersion of Love Wave Propagation in Double Layers Lying Over Inhomogeneous Half-Space

Document Type : Research Paper


Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad-826004, India



In this work, attempts are made to study the dispersion of Love waves in dry sandy layer sandwiched between fiber reinforced layer and inhomogeneous half space.Inhomogeneity in half space associated with density and rigidity and considered in exponential form. Displacement components for fiber reinforced layer, dry sandy layer and inhomogeneous half-space have been obtained by using method of separable variables. Boundary conditions are defined at the free surface of the fiber reinforced layer and at the interfaces between layers and half space. The dispersion equation has derived in closed form. Numerical calculations for dispersion equation are performed. The study results show the effect of parameters on the velocity of Love waves and presented graphically. Graphs are plotted between wave number and phase velocity to show the effect of reinforced parameter, sandiness parameter and inhomogeneity on the phase velocity of Love waves. From the graphs it can be concluded that phase velocity decreases with respect to wave number.


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