Analysis of Thermal-Bending Stresses in a Simply Supported Annular Sector Plate

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Mahatma Gandhi Science College, Armori, Gadchiroli, India

2 Department of Mathematics, Sushilabai Bharti Science College, Arni, Yavatmal, India



The present article deals with the analysis of thermal-bending stresses in a heated thin annular sector plate with simply supported boundary condition under transient temperature distribution using Berger’s approximate methods. The sectional heat supply is on the top face of the plate whereas the bottom face is kept at zero temperature. In this study, the solution of heat conduction is obtained by the classical method. The thermal moment is derived on the basis of temperature distribution, and its stresses are obtained using thermally induce resultant moment and resultant forces. The numerical calculations are obtained for the aluminium plate in the form of an infinite series involving Bessel functions, and the results for temperature, deflection, resultant bending moments and thermal stresses have been illustrated graphically with the help of MATHEMATICA software.


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