Static Bending Analysis of Foam Filled Orthogonally Rib-Stiffened Sandwich Panels: A Mathematical Model

Document Type : Research Paper


University Complex of Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, Iran



The current study presents a mathematical modeling for sandwich panels with foam filled orthogonally rib-stiffened core using Heaviside distribution functions. The governing equations of the static problem have been derived based on classical lamination theory. The present model contains three displacement variables considering all of the stiffness coefficients. A closed form solution using Galerkin’s method is presented for simply supported sandwich panels with foam filled orthogonally rib-stiffened core subjected to uniform lateral static pressure. Compared to previous researches, the present work is comprehensive enough to be used for symmetric, unsymmetric, laminated or filament wound panels with orthogrid stiffeners. The accuracy of the solution is checked both through comparisons with previous works, and the results of simulation with ABAQUS software.


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