An Axisymmetric Torsion Problem of an Elastic Layer on a Rigid Circular Base

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Laboratoire de Génie Mécanique et Développement, Département de Génie Mécanique, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique El-Harrach Algiers 16200, Algeria

2 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Québec in Outaouais, Gatineau, Québec, Canada



A solution is presented to a doubly mixed boundary value problem of the torsion of an elastic layer, partially resting on a rigid circular base by a circular rigid punch attached to its surface. This problem is reduced to a system of dual integral equations using the Boussinesq stress functions and the Hankel integral transforms. With the help of the Gegenbauer expansion formula of the Bessel function we get an infinite algebraic system of simultaneous equations for calculating the unknown function of the problem. Both the two contact stresses under the punch and on the lower face of the layer are expressed as appropriate Chebyshev series. The effects of the radius of the disc with the rigid base and the layer thickness on the displacements, contact stresses as well as the shear stress and the stress singularity factor are discussed. A numerical application is also considered with some concluding results.


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