Vibration Analysis of the Sandwich Beam with Electro-Rheological Fluid Core Embedded Within Two FG Nanocomposite Faces Resting on Pasternak Foundation

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


This investigation deals with the vibration analysis of the sandwich beam with electro-rheological (ER) core embedded within two functionally graded (FG) carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced composite (FG-CNTRC) layers. In this regard, the governing equations are extracted by the Hamilton principle and the rule of mixture is employed to calculate the effective mechanical and physical properties of the CNTRCs face-sheets. Don and Yalcintas shear modulus models are applied to simulate shear modules of the ER core of the beam. The elastic medium is simulated by Winkler-Pasternak model and then, the governing equations are analytically solved. Finally, a parametric study is carried out in details and the effects of some main designing parameters such as applied voltage, Winkler coefficient, Pasternak coefficient, core to face-sheets thickness ratios and the different pattern of the CNTs along the face-sheets and loss factors are examined on the natural frequency. Based on the obtained results, volume fraction of CNTs in face-sheets have significant influence on the natural frequency in which by increasing the volume fractions the flexural rigidity of the sandwich beam increases as well as natural frequency.


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