Research Paper

1. Effects of the Residual Stress and Bias Voltage on the Phase Diagram and Frequency Response of a Capacitive Micro-Structure

Pages 208-217

S Ahouighazvin; M Mohamadifar; P Mahmoudi

2. Torsional Stability of Cylindrical Shells with Functionally Graded Middle Layer on the Winkler Elastic Foundation

Pages 218-227

A.H Sofiyev; S Adiguzel

3. Dynamic Fracture Analysis Using an Uncoupled Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Finite Element Formulation

Pages 228-243

A.R Shahani; M.R Amini

4. Exact Solution for Electrothermoelastic Behaviors of a Radially Polarized FGPM Rotating Disk

Pages 244-257

A Ghorbanpour Arani; A Jafarzadeh Jazi; M Abdollahian; M.R Mozdianfard; M Mohammadimehr; S Amir

5. Analysis of Nonlinear Vibrations for Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Embedded in an Elastic Medium

Pages 258-270

A Ghorbanpour Arani; H Rabbani; S Amir; Z Khoddami Maraghi; M Mohammadimehr; E Haghparast

6. Study Of Thermoelastic Damping in an Electrostatically Deflected Circular Micro-Plate Using Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Model

Pages 271-282

G Rezazadeh; S Tayefeh-rezaei; A Saeedi Vahdat; V Nasirzadeh

7. On the Dynamic Characteristic of Thermoelastic Waves in Thermoelastic Plates with Thermal Relaxation Times

Pages 283-297

K.L Verma

8. Wave Propagation and Fundamental Solution of Initially Stressed Thermoelastic Diffusion with Voids

Pages 298-314

R Kumar; R. Kumar