Research Paper

1. Measurement of Variation in Fracture Strength and Calculation of Stress Concentration Factor in Composite Laminates with Circular Hole

Pages 226-236

A.R Ghasemi; I Razavian

2. Displacements and Stresses in Pressurized Thick FGM Cylinders with Varying Properties of Power Function Based on HSDT

Pages 237-251

M Ghannad; H Gharooni

3. Effect of Magnetic Field on Torsional Waves in Non-Homogeneous Aeolotropic Tube

Pages 252-266

R Kakar; S Kakar; K.C Gupta; K Kaur

4. Nonlinear Vibration and Instability Analysis of a PVDF Cylindrical Shell Reinforced with BNNTs Conveying Viscose Fluid Using HDQ Method

Pages 267-276

R Kolahchi; A Ghorbanpour Arani

5. Effect of Temperature Changes on Dynamic Pull-in Phenomenon in a Functionally Graded Capacitive Micro-beam

Pages 277-295

B Mohammadi-Alasti; G Rezazadeh; M Abbasgholipour

6. Buckling of Piezoelectric Composite Cylindrical Shell Under Electro-thermo-mechanical Loading

Pages 296-306

A Ghorbanpour Arani; S Shams; S Amir; M.J Maboudi

7. Vibrations of Circular Plates with Guided Edge and Resting on Elastic Foundation

Pages 307-312

L.B Rao; C.K Rao

8. Semi-analytical Solution for Time-dependent Creep Analysis of Rotating Cylinders Made of Anisotropic Exponentially Graded Material (EGM)

Pages 313-326

A Loghman; V Atabakhshian