Research Paper

1. A Computational Wear Model of the Oblique Impact of a Ball on a Flat Plate

Pages 107-115

M Akhondizadeh; M Fooladi Mahani; S.H Mansouri; M Rezaeizadeh

2. Levy Type Solution for Nonlocal Thermo-Mechanical Vibration of Orthotropic Mono-Layer Graphene Sheet Embedded in an Elastic Medium

Pages 116-132

M Mohammadi; A Farajpour; M Goodarzi; R Heydarshenas

3. Rheological Response and Validity of Viscoelastic Model Through Propagation of Harmonic Wave in Non-Homogeneous Viscoelastic Rods

Pages 133-151

R Kakar; K Kaur

4. Dynamics of a Running Below-Knee Prosthesis Compared to Those of a Normal Subject

Pages 152-160

A Ebrahimi Mamaghani; H Zohoor; K Firoozbakhsh; R Hosseini

5. Frequency Analysis of FG Sandwich Rectangular Plates with a Four-Parameter Power-Law Distribution

Pages 161-173

S Kamarian; M.H Yas; A Pourasghar

6. Design and Dynamic Modeling of Planar Parallel Micro-Positioning Platform Mechanism with Flexible Links Based on Euler Bernoulli Beam Theory

Pages 174-192

N.S Viliani; H Zohoor; M.H Kargarnovin

7. 2D-Magnetic Field and Biaxiall In-Plane Pre-Load Effects on the Vibration of Double Bonded Orthotropic Graphene Sheets

Pages 193-205

A.H Ghorbanpour Arani; M.J Maboudi; A Ghorbanpour Arani; S Amir

8. Nonlocal Vibration of Embedded Coupled CNTs Conveying Fluid Under Thermo-Magnetic Fields Via Ritz Method

Pages 206-215

A Ghorbanpour Arani; S Amir