Research Paper

1. Mixed-Mode Stress Intensity Factors for Surface Cracks in Functionally Graded Materials Using Enriched Finite Elements

Pages 1-12

J Sheikhi; M Poorjamshidian; S Peyman

2. Frequency Analysis of Embedded Orthotropic Circular and Elliptical Micro/Nano-Plates Using Nonlocal Variational Principle

Pages 13-27

A Anjomshoa; A.R Shahidi; S.H Shahidi; H Nahvi

3. Exact 3-D Solution for Free Bending Vibration of Thick FG Plates and Homogeneous Plate Coated by a Single FG Layer on Elastic Foundations

Pages 28-40

H Salehipour; R Hosseini; K Firoozbakhsh

4. Buckling Analysis of Rectangular Functionally Graded Plates with an Elliptic Hole Under Thermal Loads

Pages 41-57

R Rezae; A.R Shaterzadeh; S Abolghasemi

5. Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of the Fluid-Filled Single Walled Carbon Nanotube with the Shell Model Based on the Nonlocal Elacticity Theory

Pages 58-70

P Soltani; R Bahramian; J Saberian

6. Modifying Stress-Strain Curves Using Optimization and Finite Elements Simulation Methods

Pages 71-82

A Rezaei Pour Almasi; F Fariba; S Rasoli

7. Free Vibration Analysis of Moderately Thick Functionally Graded Plates with Multiple Circular and Square Cutouts Using Finite Element Method

Pages 83-95

J Vimal; R.K Srivastava; A.D Bhatt; A.K Sharma

8. Nonlinear Instability of Coupled CNTs Conveying Viscous Fluid

Pages 96-120

A Ghorbanpour Arani; S Amir