Research Paper

1. Axial and Transverse Vibration of SWBNNT System Coupled Pasternak Foundation Under a Moving Nanoparticle Using Timoshenko Beam Theory

Pages 239-254

A Ghorbanpour Arani; A Karamali Ravandi; M.A Roudbari; M.B Azizkhani; A Hafizi Bidgoli

2. Rayleigh Waves in a Homogeneous Magneto-Thermo Voigt-Type Viscoelastic Half-Space under Initial Surface Stresses

Pages 255-267

R Kakar

3. Investigation on the Effect of Tigthening Torque on the Stress Distribution in Double Lap Simple Bolted and Hybrid (Bolted -Bonded) Joints

Pages 268-280

F Esmaeili; T.N Chakherlou

4. The Effect of Modified Couple Stress Theory on Buckling and Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Double-Layer Boron Nitride Piezoelectric Plate Based on CPT

Pages 281-298

M Mohammadimehr; M Mohandes

5. Effect of Surface Energy on the Vibration Analysis of Rotating Nanobeam

Pages 299-311

M Safarabadi; M Mohammadi; A Farajpour; M Goodarzi

6. Wave Propagation at the Boundary Surface of Inviscid Fluid Half-Space and Thermoelastic Diffusion Solid Half-Space with Dual-Phase-Lag Models

Pages 312-326

R Kumar; V Gupta

7. Asymmetric Thermal Stresses of Hollow FGM Cylinders with Piezoelectric Internal and External Layers

Pages 327-343

M Jabbari; M.B Aghdam

8. On the Magneto-Thermo-Elastic Behavior of a Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shell with Pyroelectric Layers Featuring Interlaminar Bonding Imperfections Rested in an Elastic Foundation

Pages 344-363

M Saadatfar; M Aghaie-Khafri