Research Paper

1. Size-Dependent Analysis of Orthotropic Mindlin Nanoplate on Orthotropic Visco-Pasternak Substrate with Consideration of Structural Damping

Pages 236-253


A Ghorbanpour Arani; M.H Jalaei; S Niknejad; A.A Ghorbanpour Arani

2. Influence of Rotation on Vibration Behavior of a Functionally Graded Moderately Thick Cylindrical Nanoshell Considering Initial Hoop Tension

Pages 254-271


H Safarpour; M.M Barooti; M Ghadiri

3. Axially Symmetric Vibrations of a Liquid-Filled Poroelastic Thin Cylinder Saturated with Two Immiscible Liquids Surrounded by a Liquid

Pages 272-280


B Sandhyarani; J Anand Rao; P Malla Reddy

4. Fundamental Solution in the Theory of Thermoelastic Diffusion Materials with Double Porosity

Pages 281-296


T Kansal

5. An Approximate Solution of Functionally Graded Timoshenko Beam Using B-Spline Collocation Method

Pages 297-310


D Mahapatra; Sh Sanyal; Sh Bhowmick

6. Modelling of Random Geometrical Imperfections and Reliability Calculations for Thin Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Lateral Pressure

Pages 311-322


N Rathinam; B Prabu

7. Coupled Axial-Radial Vibration of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Via Doublet Mechanics

Pages 323-340


Z Azimzadeh; A Fatahi-Vajari

8. Bifurcation and Chaos in Size-Dependent NEMS Considering Surface Energy Effect and Intermolecular Interactions

Pages 341-360


S Rahmanian; Sh Hosseini Hashemi

9. Reliability of the Rubber Tube of Automotive Hydraulic Braking System Under Fatigue Failures Considering Random Variation of Load and the Process of Aging of Material

Pages 361-374


O Larin; K Potopalska; R Mygushchenko

10. Dynamic Behavior Analysis of a Geometrically Nonlinear Plate Subjected to a Moving Load

Pages 375-387


A Mamandi; R Mohsenzadeh

11. Strain Hardening Analysis for M-P Interaction in Metallic Beam of T-Section

Pages 388-408


M Hosseini; H Hatami

12. Buckling and Thermomechanical Vibration Analysis of a Cylindrical Sandwich Panel with an Elastic Core Using Generalized Differential Quadrature Method

Pages 409-424


A.R Pourmoayed; K Malekzadeh; M Shahravi; H Safarpour

13. Modelling Mechanical Properties of AISI 439-430Ti Ferritic Stainless Steel Sheet

Pages 425-439


N Brinis; B Regaiguia; O Chahaoui; N Maatougui; M.L Fares

14. Influence of Viscoelastic Foundation on Dynamic Behaviour of the Double Walled Cylindrical Inhomogeneous Micro Shell Using MCST and with the Aid of GDQM

Pages 440-453


A Mohammadi; H Lashini; M Habibi; H Safarpour

15. Vibration, Buckling and Deflection Analysis of Cracked Thin Magneto Electro Elastic Plate Under Thermal Environment

Pages 454-474


Shashank Soni; N.K Jain; P.V. Joshi

16. Dynamics of Love-Type Waves in Orthotropic Layer Under the Influence of Heterogeneity and Corrugation

Pages 475-485


S.A Sahu; S Goyal; S Mondal