Research Paper

1. On Plane Waves for Mode-I Crack Problem in Generalized Thermoelasticity

Pages 486-497


kh Lotfy

2. A Novel Method for Numerical Analysis of 3D Nonlinear Thermo-Mechanical Bending of Annular and Circular Plates with Asymmetric Boundary Conditions Using SAPM

Pages 498-512


A. R Golkarian; M Jabbarzadeh; Sh Dastjerdi

3. Generation of Love Wave in a Media with Temperature Dependent Properties Over a Heterogeneous Substratum

Pages 513-522


S Gupta; P Pati; B Prasad

4. Effect of the Multi Vibration Absorbers on the Nonlinear FG Beam Under Periodic Load with Various Boundary Conditions

Pages 523-534


H Ahmadi; K Foroutan

5. Investigating Nonlinear Vibration Behavior of Rotors with Asymmetry Shaft Considering Misalignment

Pages 535-549


A.A Jafari; P Jamshidi

6. Higher-Order Stability Analysis of Imperfect Laminated Piezo-Composite Plates on Elastic Foundations Under Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Loads

Pages 550-569


B Mirzavand; M Bohlooly

7. An Analytic Study on the Dispersion of Love Wave Propagation in Double Layers Lying Over Inhomogeneous Half-Space

Pages 570-580


A Mandi; S Kundu; P Chandra Pal; P Pati

8. Effects of Viscosity on a Thick Circular Plate in Thermoelastic Diffusion Medium

Pages 581-592


R Kumar; Sh Devi

9. Study of Love Waves in a Clamped Viscoelastic Medium with Irregular Boundaries

Pages 593-605


P Alam; M.K Singh

10. Displacement Fields Influence Analysis Caused by Dislocation Networks at a Three Layer System Interfaces on the Surface Topology

Pages 606-614


A Boussaha; R Makhloufi; S Madani

11. Natural Frequency and Dynamic Analyses of Functionally Graded Saturated Porous Beam Resting on Viscoelastic Foundation Based on Higher Order Beam Theory

Pages 615-634


M Babaei; K Asemi; P Safarpour

12. Effect of Thickness on Fracture Toughness of Al6061-Graphite

Pages 635-643


S Doddamani; M Kaleemulla

13. Buckling Analysis of Functionally Graded Shallow Spherical Shells Under External Hydrostatic Pressure

Pages 644-656


M Hosseini; F Karami

14. Effect of Temperature Dependency on Thermoelastic Behavior of Rotating Variable Thickness FGM Cantilever Beam

Pages 657-669


M.M.H Mirzaei; A Loghman; M Arefi

15. Stress Concentration Factor of Single-Layered Graphene Sheets Containing Elliptical Vacancies

Pages 670-677


S.K Jalali; M.J Beigrezaee

16. Noise Effects on Modal Parameters Extraction of Horizontal Tailplane by Singular Value Decomposition Method Based on Output Only Modal Analysis

Pages 678-689


P Jalali; S Varahram; R Hassannejad; M.H Sadeghi