Research Paper

1. Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis for Semi-Elliptical Cracks in the Connection of Cylinder-Hemispherical Head for Thick-Walled Cylindrical Pressure Vessels

Pages 1-10

H Eskandari; M Ghanbari; F Mirzadeh

2. Size-Dependent Higher Order Thermo-Mechanical Vibration Analysis of Two Directional Functionally Graded Material Nanobeam

Pages 11-26

M Mahinzare; S Amanpanah; M Ghadiri

3. A Modified Model to Determine Heat Generation in the Friction Stir Welding Process

Pages 27-36

A Ghiasvand; S Hasanifard; M Zehsaz

4. Thermal Buckling Analysis of Porous Conical Shell on Elastic Foundation

Pages 37-53

M Gheisari; M.M Najafizadeh; A. R Nezamabadi; S Jafari; P Yousefi

5. Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Geometric Parameters of Aluminum Patches for Repairing Cracked Parts by Diffusion Method

Pages 54-67

S Dehghanpour; A. R Nezamabadi; M.M Attar; F Barati; M Tajdari

6. Structural and Crack Parameter Identification on Structures Using Observer Kalman Filter Identification/Eigen System Realization Algorithm

Pages 68-79

P Nandakumar; J Jacob

7. Vibration Analysis of a Magneto Thermo Electrical Nano Fiber Reinforced with Graphene Oxide Powder Under Refined Beam Model

Pages 80-94

R Selvamani; J Rexy; F Ebrahimi

8. Vibrations of Inhomogeneous Viscothermoelastic Nonlocal Hollow Sphere under the effect of Three-Phase-Lag Model

Pages 95-113

S.R Sharma; M.K Sharma; D.K Sharma