Research Paper

1. Displacement Field Due to a Cylindrical Inclusion in a Thermoelastic Half-Space

Pages 445-455

K Singh; M Renu

2. Weight Optimum Design of Pressurized and Axially Loaded Stiffened Conical Shells to Prevent Stress and Buckling Failures

Pages 456-471

M Talebitooti; M Fadaee; M.H Seyyedsharbati; M.M Shojaee

3. The Prediction of Forming Limit Diagram of Low Carbon Steel Sheets Using Adaptive Fuzzy Inference System Identifier

Pages 472-489

H Aleyasin

4. Spectral Finite Element Method for Free Vibration of Axially Moving Plates Based on First-Order Shear Deformation Theory

Pages 490-507

M.R Bahrami; S Hatami

5. Reflection and Transmission of Plane Waves at Micropolar Piezothermoelastic Solids

Pages 508-526

R Kumar; M Kaur

6. Effects of Hall Current and Rotation in Modified Couple Stress Generalized Thermoelastic Half Space due to Ramp-Type Heating

Pages 527-542

R Kumar; Sh Devi; V Sharma

7. Influence of the Vacancies on the Buckling Behavior of a Single–Layered Graphene Nanosheet

Pages 543-554

S.M.H Farrash; M Shariati; J Rezaeepazhand

8. Influence of Heterogeneity on Rayleigh Wave Propagation in an Incompressible Medium Bonded Between Two Half-Spaces

Pages 555-567

S.A Sahu; A Singhal; S Chaudhary

9. Analysis of Rectangular Stiffened Plates Based on FSDT and Meshless Collocation Method

Pages 568-586

Sh Hosseini; B Soltani

10. Predicting Depth and Path of Subsurface Crack Propagation at Gear Tooth Flank under Cyclic Contact Loading

Pages 587-598

H Heirani; Kh Farhangdoost

11. A New Approach to Buckling Analysis of Lattice Composite Structures

Pages 599-607

S.A Galehdari; A.H Hashemian; J.E Jam; A Atrian

12. An Upper Bound Analysis of Sandwich Sheet Rolling Process

Pages 608-618

H Haghighat; P Saadati

13. Transference of SH-Waves in Fluid Saturated Porous Medium Sandwiched Between Heterogeneous Half-Spaces

Pages 619-631

S.A Sahu; S Chaudhary; P.K Saroj; A Chattopadhyay

14. An Efficient Strain Based Cylindrical Shell Finite Element

Pages 632-649

M Bourezane

15. Elastic Analysis of Functionally Graded Variable Thickness Rotating Disk by Element Based Material Grading

Pages 650-662

A.K Thawait; L Sondhi; Sh Sanyal; Sh Bhowmick

16. Time-Dependent Hygro-Thermal Creep Analysis of Pressurized FGM Rotating Thick Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Uniform Magnetic Field

Pages 663-679

A Bakhshizadeh; M Zamani Nejad; M Davoudi Kashkoli