Research Paper

1. Vibration Analysis of Magneto-Electro-Elastic Timoshenko Micro Beam Using Surface Stress Effect and Modified Strain Gradient Theory under Moving Nano-Particle

Pages 1-22

M Mohammadimehr; H Mohammadi Hooyeh

2. A Nonlocal First Order Shear Deformation Theory for Vibration Analysis of Size Dependent Functionally Graded Nano beam with Attached Tip Mass: an Exact Solution

Pages 23-37

M Ghadiri; A Jafari

3. Non Uniform Rational B Spline (NURBS) Based Non-Linear Analysis of Straight Beams with Mixed Formulations

Pages 38-56

R Ranjan; J.N Reddy

4. Reflection From Free Surface of a Rotating Generalized Thermo-Piezoelectric Solid Half Space

Pages 57-66

Baljeet Singh; B Singh

5. Two New Non-AFR Criteria for Depicting Strength Differential Effect (SDE) in Anisotropic Sheet Metals

Pages 67-85

F Moayyedian; M Kadkhodayan

6. Influence of Notch Depth-to-Width Ratios on J-Integral and Critical Failure Load of Single-Edge Notched Tensile Aluminium 8011 Alloy Specimens

Pages 86-97

C.S Sumesh; P.J Arun Narayanan

7. Improving Power Density of Piezoelectric Vibration-Based Energy Scavengers

Pages 98-109

R Hosseini; O Zargar; M Hamedi

8. Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Cracked Micro-Beams Below and at the Onset of Dynamic Pull-In Instability

Pages 110-123

R Hassannejad; Sh Amiri Jahed

9. Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Compositionally Graded Polyethylene/Clay Nanocomposites

Pages 124-129

M.H Yas; M Karami Khorramabadi

10. Magneto-Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Response of a Multiferroic Doubly-Curved Nano-Shell

Pages 130-141

S Razavi

11. Mathematical Modeling of Thermoelastic State of a Thick Hollow Cylinder with Nonhomogeneous Material Properties

Pages 142-156

V. R Manthena; N.K Lamba; G.D Kedar

12. Global Optimization of Stacking Sequence in a Laminated Cylindrical Shell Using Differential Quadrature Method

Pages 157-174

M.R Saviz; A Ziaei Asl

13. Rayleigh Surface Wave Propagation in Transversely Isotropic Medium with Three-Phase-Lag Model

Pages 175-185

S Biswas; B Mukhopadhyay

14. A New Eight Nodes Brick Finite Element Based on the Strain Approach

Pages 186-199

Kh Guerraiche; L Belounar; L Bouzidi

15. Thermoelastic Analysis of a Rectangular Plate with Nonhomogeneous Material Properties and Internal Heat Source

Pages 200-215

V. R Manthena; N.K Lamba; G.D Kedar

16. Calculation of Natural Frequencies of Bi-Layered Rotating Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shells

Pages 216-231

I Fakhari Golpayegani