Research Paper

1. Wave Propagation Analysis of CNT Reinforced Composite Micro-Tube Conveying Viscose Fluid in Visco-Pasternak Foundation Under 2D Multi-Physical Fields

Pages 232-248

A. H Ghorbanpour Arani; M.M Aghdam; M.J Saeedian

2. Combination Resonance of Nonlinear Rotating Balanced Shafts Subjected to Periodic Axial Load

Pages 249-262

M.S Qaderi; S.A.A Hosseini; M Zamanian

3. Fracture Analysis of Externally Semi-Elliptical Crack in a Spherical Pressure Vessel with Hoop-Wrapped Composite

Pages 263-270

H Eskandari; Gh Rashed; F Mirzade

4. Mathematical Modeling for Thermoelastic Double Porous Micro-Beam Resonators

Pages 271-284

R Kumar; R Vohra; M.G Gorla

5. In-Plane and out of Plane Free Vibration of U-Shaped AFM Probes Based on the Nonlocal Elasticity

Pages 285-299

M Ghadiri; S.A.H Hosseini; M Karami; M Namvar

6. Determination of Optimal Parameters for Finite Plates with a Quasi-Square Hole

Pages 300-314

M Jafari; M.H Bayati Chaleshtari; E Ardalani

7. Analytical Solutions of the FG Thick Plates with In-Plane Stiffness Variation and Porous Substances Using Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory

Pages 315-325

M karimi darani; A Ghasemi

8. Stress Analysis in Thermosensitive Elliptical Plate with Simply Supported Edge and Impulsive Thermal Load

Pages 326-337

V Varghese; P Bhad; L Khalsa

9. Fatigue Life of Graphite Powder Mixing Electrical Discharge Machining AISI D2 Tool Steel

Pages 338-353

A Al-Khazraji; S.A Amin; S.M Ali

10. Engineering Critical Assessments of Marine Pipelines with 3D Surface Cracks Considering Weld Mismatch

Pages 354-363

S.M.H Sharifi; M Kaveh; H Saeidi Googarchin

11. Optimal Locations on Timoshenko Beam with PZT S/A for Suppressing 2Dof Vibration Based on LQR-MOPSO

Pages 364-386

M Hasanlu; A Bagheri

12. Vibration Suppression of Simply Supported Beam under a Moving Mass using On-Line Neural Network Controller

Pages 387-399

S Rezaei; M Pourseifi

13. Free Vibration Analysis of Non-Uniform Circular Nanoplate

Pages 400-415

M Zarei; M Ghalami-Choobar; G.H Rahimi; G.R Faghani

14. Transversely Isotropic Magneto-Visco Thermoelastic Medium with Vacuum and without Energy Dissipation

Pages 416-434

R Kumar; P Kaushal; R Sharma

15. Thermoelastic Fracture Parameters for Anisotropic Plates

Pages 435-449

S Kebdani; A Sahli; S Sahli

16. Elastic-Plastic Transition of Pressurized Functionally Graded Orthotropic Cylinder using Seth’s Transition Theory

Pages 450-463

S Sharma; R Panchal