Research Paper

1. Vibration Analysis of FG Nanoplate Based on Third-Order Shear Deformation Theory (TSDT) and Nonlocal Elasticity

Pages 464-475

M.M Najafizadeh; M Raki; P Yousefi

2. Mechanical Buckling Analysis of Composite Annular Sector Plate with Bean-Shaped Cut-Out using Three Dimensional Finite Element Method

Pages 476-488

H Behzad; A.R Shaterzadeh; M Shariyat

3. Influences of Small-Scale Effect and Boundary Conditions on the Free Vibration of Nano-Plates: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Pages 489-501

S.F Asbaghian Namin; R Pilafkan

4. 3D Thermoelastic Interactions in an Anisotropic Lastic Slab Due to Prescribed Surface Temparature

Pages 502-521

Gh Debkumar; L Abhijit; R Kumar; R Surath

5. Failure Criteria Analysis of Laminate Composite Materials

Pages 522-531

L Nourine; A Sahli; S Sahli

6. Extraction of Nonlinear Thermo-Electroelastic Equations for High Frequency Vibrations of Piezoelectric Resonators with Initial Static Biases

Pages 532-546

M.M Mohammadi; M Hamedi; H Daneshpajooh

7. Shape- Dependent Term Investigation of Khan- Liu Yield/ Fracture Criterion as a Function of Plastic Strain for Anisotropic Metals

Pages 547-560

F Farhadzadeh; M Tajdari; M Salmani Tehrani

8. New Method for Large Deflection Analysis of an Elliptic Plate Weakened by an Eccentric Circular Hole

Pages 561-570

Sh Dastjerdi; L Yazdanparast

9. A Contact Problem of an Elastic Layer Compressed by Two Punches of Different Radii

Pages 571-580

K Seghir; M Bendaoui; R Benbouta

10. Torsion in Microstructure Hollow Thick-Walled Circular Cylinder Made up of Orthotropic Material

Pages 581-590

S Yadav; S Sharma

11. Dispersion of Love Wave in a Fiber-Reinforced Medium Lying Over a Heterogeneous Half-Space with Rectangular Irregularity

Pages 591-602

R.M Prasad; S Kundu

12. Crack Influences on the Static and Dynamic Characteristic of a Micro-Beam Subjected to Electro Statically Loading

Pages 603-620

A.R Shahani; G Rezazadeh; A Rahmani

13. Damping and Frequency Shift in Microscale Modified Couple Stress Thermoelastic Plate Resonators

Pages 621-636

S Devi; R Kumar

14. Shear Waves Through Non Planar Interface Between Anisotropic Inhomogeneous and Visco-Elastic Half-Spaces

Pages 637-654

B Prasad; P Chandra Pal; S Kundu

15. Elastic Wave Propagation at Imperfect Boundary of Micropolar Elastic Solid and Fluid Saturated Porous Solid Half-Space

Pages 655-671

V Kaliraman; R.K Poonia

16. Free Vibration of Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shell Panel With and Without a Cutout

Pages 672-687

k.S Sai Ram; K Pratyusha; P Kiranmayi