Research Paper

1. Effect of Follower Force on Vibration Frequency of Magneto-Strictive-Faced Sandwich Plate with CNTR Composite Core

Pages 688-701

M.R Ghorbanpour Arani; Z Khoddami Maraghi

2. Quasi-Static Deformation of a Uniform Thermoelastic Half –Space Due to Seismic Sources and Heat Source

Pages 702-718

A.K Vashishth; K Rani

3. Two-Dimensional Elasticity Solution for Arbitrarily Supported Axially Functionally Graded Beams

Pages 719-733

A Singh; P Kumari

4. One-Dimensional Transient Thermal and Mechanical Stresses in FGM Hollow Cylinder with Piezoelectric Layers

Pages 734-752

S.M Mousavi; M Jabbari; M.A Kiani

5. Dynamic Behavior of Anisotropic Protein Microtubules Immersed in Cytosol Via Cooper–Naghdi Thick Shell Theory

Pages 753-765

M.R Ghorbanpour Arani; Z Khoddami Maraghi; E Haghparast

6. Estimation of Thermoelastic State of a Thermally Sensitive Functionally Graded Thick Hollow Cylinder: A Mathematical Model

Pages 766-778

V. K Manthena; N.K Lamba; G.D Kedar

7. Influence of Temperature Change on Modal Analysis of Rotary Functionally Graded Nano-beam in Thermal Environment

Pages 779-803

E Shahabinejad; N Shafiei; M Ghadiri

8. Delamination of Two-Dimensional Functionally Graded Multilayered Non-Linear Elastic Beam - an Analytical Approach

Pages 804-815

V Rizov

9. Investigation of Pre-buckling Stress Effect on Buckling Load Determination of Finite Rectangular Plates with Circular Cutout

Pages 816-830

S Abolghasemi; H.R Eipakchi; M Shariati

10. Inquisitive Analysis of the Point Source Effect on Propagation of SH Wave Through an Orthotropic Crustal Layer

Pages 831-844

S Gupta; S Pramanik; - Smita; A Pramanik

11. Non-Axisymmetric Time-Dependent Creep Analysis in a Thick-Walled Cylinder Due to the Thermo-mechanical loading

Pages 845-863

M Moradi; A Loghman

12. Effect of the Interparticle Interactions on Adsorption-Induced Frequency Shift of Nano-beam-Based Nanoscale Mass-Sensors: A Theoretical Study

Pages 864-873

K Rajabi; Sh Hosseini-Hashemi

13. Free Axisymmetric Bending Vibration Analysis of two Directional FGM Circular Nano-plate on the Elastic Foundation

Pages 874-893

M Zarei; Gh Rahimi

14. An Enhanced Viscoplastic Constitutive Model for Semi-Solid Materials to Analyze Shear Localization

Pages 894-901

M.H Sheikh-Ansari; M Aghaie-Khafri

15. Extended Finite Element Method for Statics and Vibration Analyses on Cracked Bars and Beams

Pages 902-928

F Mottaghian; A Darvizeh; A Alijani

16. Finite Element Modeling of the Vibrational Behavior of Single-Walled Silicon Carbide Nanotube/Polymer Nanocomposites

Pages 929-939

S Rouhi; R Ansari; A Nikkar