The Journal of Solid Mechanics (JSM) is a quarterly journal which is dedicated to the publication of original and peer-reviewed papers relating to the mechanics of solids and structures. This influential publication covers a broad area of mechanical engineering activities associated with the classical problems of structural analysis to mechanics of solids, fracture mechanics, heat transfer, thermal effects in solids, optimum design methods, and numerical techniques. 


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Research Paper

1. A Novel Finite-Element-Based Algorithm for Damage Detection in the Pressure Vessels Using the Wavelet Approach

Pages 249-262

N Haghshenas; A.H Ghorbanpour Arani; A Javanbakht; M Karimi

2. A Generalized Thermo-Elastic Diffusion Problem in a Functionally Graded Rotating Media Using Fractional Order Theory

Pages 263-277

K Paul; B Mukhopadhyay

3. Fundamental Solution and Study of Plane Waves in Bio-Thermoelastic Medium with DPL

Pages 278-296

R Kumar; A.K Vashishth; S Ghangas

4. Analysis of Nonlinear Vibrations of Slightly Curved Tripled-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Resting on Elastic Foundations in a Magneto-Thermal Environment

Pages 297-314

M.G Sobamowo; J.O Akanmu; O.A Adeleye; A.A Yinusa

5. Free Vibration and Transient Response of Heterogeneous Piezoelectric Sandwich Annular Plate Using Third-Order Shear Deformation Assumption

Pages 315-333

P Roodgar Saffari; M Fakhraie; M.A Roudbari

6. Multi-Objective Tabu Search Algorithm to Minimize Weight and Improve Formability of Al3105-St14 Bi-Layer Sheet

Pages 334-342

M Ehsanifar; H Momeni; N Hamta; A. R Nezamabadi

7. An Efficient Finite Element Formulation Based on Deformation Approach for Bending of Functionally Graded Beams

Pages 343-357

H Ziou; M Himeur; H Guenfoud; M Guenfoud

8. Dynamic Characteristics of Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Epoxy Composites: An Experimental Approach

Pages 358-365

S. M. Hosseini Farrash; M Shariati; J Rezaeepazhand

9. Analytical Stress Solutions of an Orthotropic Sector Weakened by Multiple Defects by Dislocation Approach

Pages 366-384

A.R Hassani; A Hassani

10. Free Vibration Analysis of Bidirectional Functionally Graded Conical/Cylindrical Shells and Annular Plates on Nonlinear Elastic Foundations, Based on a Unified Differential Transform Analytical Formulation

Pages 385-400

M Molla-Alipour; M Shariyat; M Shaban

11. On Analysis of Stress Concentration in Curvilinear Anisotropic Deformable Continuum Bodies

Pages 401-410

Theddeus T Akano; Omotayo A Fakinlede; Patrick Shola Olayiwola

12. Considering Bending and Vibration of Homogeneous Nanobeam Coated by a FG Layer

Pages 411-437

H Salehipour; M Jamshidi; A Shahsavar

13. In-Plane Analysis of an FGP Plane Weakened by Multiple Moving Cracks

Pages 438-454

R Bagheri; M Mahmoudi Monfared

14. Effect of Winkler Foundation on Radially Symmetric Vibrations of Bi-Directional FGM Non-Uniform Mindlin’s Circular Plate Subjected to In-Plane Peripheral Loading

Pages 455-475

N Ahlawat; R Lal

15. Stiffeners Mechanical Effect Analysis by Numerical Coupling

Pages 476-492

R Naceur Bouharkat; A Sahli; S Sahli

16. Sound Wave Propagation in a Multiferroic Thermo Elastic Nano Fiber Under the Influence of Surface Effect and Parametric Excitation

Pages 493-504

R Selvamani; J Rexy; R Kumar

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