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Research Paper

1. Non-Linear Response of Torsional Buckling Piezoelectric Cylindrical Shell Reinforced with DWBNNTs Under Combination of Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Loadings in Elastic Foundation

Pages 505-520

M Sarvandi; M.M Najafizadeh; H Seyyedhasani

2. The Effects of Initial In-Plane Loads on the Response of Composite-Sandwich Plates Subjected to Low Velocity Impact: Using a New Systematic Iterative Analytical Process

Pages 521-538

K Malekzadeh Fard; A Azarnia

3. On the Optimum Die Shape in Rod Drawing Process Considering Work-Hardening Effect of Material

Pages 539-550

M.M Mahdavi; H Haghighat

4. Fatigue Life Prediction of Rivet Joints

Pages 551-558

M. M Amiri

5. A New Approach for Stress State - Dependent Flow Localization Failure Bounded Through Ductile Damage in Dynamically Loaded Sheets

Pages 559-569

F Hosseini Mansoub; A Basti; A Darvizeh; A Zajkani

6. Vibration Analysis of Size-Dependent Piezoelectric Nanobeam Under Magneto-Electrical Field

Pages 570-585

M Ghadiri; M Karimi Asl; M Noroozi

7. An Analytical Solution on Size Dependent Longitudinal Dynamic Response of SWCNT Under Axial Moving Harmonic Load

Pages 586-599

F Khosravi; M Simyari; S. A Hosseini; M Ghadiri

8. Reliability-Based Robust Multi-Objective Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Lap Joint AA1100 Plates

Pages 600-606

E Sarikhani; A Khalkhali

9. Vibration of Timoshenko Beam-Soil Foundation Interaction by Using the Spectral Element Method

Pages 607-619

S Hamioud; S Khalfallah; S Boudaa

10. Numerical Analysis of the Effect of External Circumferential Cracks in Transition Thickness Zone of Pressurized Pipes Using XFEM – Elastic-Plastic Behavior

Pages 620-631

H Salmi; Kh EL Had; H EL Bhilat; A Hachim

11. Investigation of Strain Gradient Theory for the Analysis of Free Linear Vibration of Nano Truncated Conical Shell

Pages 632-648

A.R Sheykhi; Sh Hosseini Hashemi; A Maghsoudpour; Sh Etemadi Haghighi

12. Study of Torsional Vibrations of Composite Poroelastic Spherical Shell-Biot’s Extension Theory

Pages 649-662

R Gurijala; M Reddy Perati

13. Three Dimensional Thermal Shock Problem in Magneto-Thermoelastic Orthotropic Medium

Pages 663-680

S Biswas; S. M Abo-Dahab

14. Moving Three Collinear Griffith Cracks at Orthotropic Interface

Pages 681-699

P Mandal; S.C Mandal

15. Thermoelastic Damping and Frequency Shift in Kirchhoff Plate Resonators Based on Modified Couple Stress Theory With Dual-Phase-Lag Model

Pages 700-712

S Devi; R Kumar

16. Influence of Rigidity, Irregularity and Initial Stress on Shear Waves Propagation in Multilayered Media

Pages 713-728

R.K Poonia; N Basatiya; V Kaliraman

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